Can we decipher a country and its people changing its course from being ultraconservative to the modern era?


Country is under a sea-of-change, a change that’s not revolutionary, is rather policy-led: how do we define the change

Consumer Packaged Goods

Our framework

How do brands prepare for a country which has changed drastically and at speed? Three truths defined our approach: 1. Young country that has often been misperceived, 2. Gap between what is said, seen and what’s real, and 3. People who have turned apathetic to the patronizing tones and narratives. We used an approach that relies on deep-down sociocultural landscaping and how that manifests in the popular expressions - social media, advertising, blogs and vlogs

What was new/different

Used Semiotics based approach to determine the trajectory of change and arrive at cultural ‘Territories and codes’ as they get manifested in the communication 

Why was it actionable

Most insights are ‘plain truth in hindsight’, the truth that shouts out loud and is so apparently authentic - we arrived at many such truths


The communication strategy evolved with the new findings basis the sociocultural insights.

Client Speak:

Senior Insights Manager for the region

“Coming as an outsider and convincing the native audience on who they have been and why they have been behaving so needs confidence and depth of knowledge”

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