Frameworks are important for analytical thinking, they provide structure to ideas, and help crystalize thinking behind an approach.

Consumer research frameworks mentioned below are not cast in stone, they evolve and are subject to change between different markets, categories, and cohorts. These frameworks are a result of iterative thinking and a learning loop between our responsive and proactive clients, and the resident anthropologists, psychologists, neurologists, behavioral science practitioners, and innovation-enthusiasts in our team. All of these have come out of a live challenge, have been perfected over many applications and are still evolving. We will be glad to discuss them, and apply them to your challenges.

Habit change
Applying neuroscience and behavioural science in our work
Power of the ‘cultural unconscious’
Key constructs of human decision-making
Two systems 
innovation testing
Growing brands from good to great
New launch forecasting 
B2B research - Listeners' forte

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