How can we change text-heavy and jargonistic Insurance communication?


Insurance documentation has always been very cryptic, and complex led by the regulatory and legacy

Life, health and general Insurance

Our framework

Developed a visual framework – a new layer of visual meaning for insurance communication, to help change various consumer facing documents to deliver on clarity and persuasion yet remain emotionally relevant. We wanted to go back to the drawing board without any legacy or baggage, hence decided to use an approach that relies on how consumers draw meaning from what they see, rather than basing our response on what meaning they draw. 

What was new/different

Used Semiotics based approach to identify visual-meaning ‘Codes and Territories’ (key visual-shifts and a classification of these into themes).

Why was it actionable

A playbook was designed for marketing to refer to whenever making changes to proposals, brochures, letters, websites and communication


All future communication and marketing assets will use playbook.

Client Speak:

Head, Customer Experience

“Visual Insurance program is gaining widespread recognition, I’m sure that we will start to see this program driving improvements in customer experience in the next 12 months”

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