How can we help brands create an inherent identity for their branded apps – the idea of an App Value Proposition?


Establish the role of an app, thus the need to advertise, promoting install and re-engagement

Telecom, Finance, Retailers
Path to purchase

Our framework

We aimed the approach to help take the big leap from ‘app as a channel’ to ‘app as a value proposition’. We employed our Value Proposition framework – Love (purpose with which the consumers desire the app), Edge (unique experiences offered), Avatar (Real-world manifestation of the app), and Possibilities (the innovation potential)

What was new/different: 

  • An effective app should aim to challenge what ‘the great brand’ means, not just aim at replacing the offline brand assets and channels – our approach kept this idea of ‘inspiration’ and ‘future’ at the heart

Why was it actionable:

As the app landscape becomes increasingly saturated and shopping behaviours continue to evolve, the research helped inform retailers on how they build a high-quality app.


Got presented to the client’s customers.

Client Speak:

Marketing, Apps and Gaming

"This research establishes many insights on how businesses can meet consumer expectations and increase brand engagement using apps”

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