How do we identify the true value of the, the brands own website in the consumers’ purchase journey?


Making an integral part of the consumer decision journey as they shop online (vs the marketplace)

Electronics, Appliances, Apparel and Beauty
Path to purchase

Our framework

Consumer Decision Trails: A paradigm shift to the consumer journey in the heavily messed-up journey, as shoppers takes a different trail, changing track at every decision point perspective. We placed every journey in two important contextual scenarios

What was new/different

  • Placing the journey or path taken in its context - decision occasion, consumer occasion and the entry-exit scenarios 
  • Considering the shopper profile - who they are, their emotional need-states, their functional expectations

Why was it actionable

We found the critical junctures and pay-offs associated to the in a journey that often ends at buying at a marketplace.


Got published and presented to the external media and customers

Client Speak:

Senior Research Manager, Consumer & Market Insights

"Thank you for your efforts in bringing out the insights from this research, it has gained good traction within the internal team and in the media”

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