How do we rejuvenate a brand that’s established on legacy, history and thrives on traditions and heritage?


Refresh communication & packaging for the brand with a refreshed brand value proposition?

Health Supplements
Semiotics/ Packaging

Our framework

As the research was about refreshing the brand assets with the changing consumer culture and lifestyle, we rooted the study in Semiotics. Starting from the cultural evolution of the idea of health (how the perceptions of health have evolved over time) to the presence of (and gaps) these ideas in packaging and communication for the category

What was new/different

We started with cultural and category analysis and validation codes (opportunity themes and spaces, followed by packaging-change ideation, workshop, and concluded with a pack-test exercise 

Why was it actionable

Design teams were able to take the pack changes into account plus use the data for the longer-term pack development.


Informed the agency brief for brand communication and packaging revamp.

Client Speak:

Brand and Innovation Development

"SF team really helped us out together the revamp plan for the brand, we were able to inform the pack redesign given the insights.”

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